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Visiting Rome is an exciting and (often) very tiring experience. There are just so many things to see – temples, basilicas, churches, palazzos, parks, museums, fountains...and, of course, the Vatican!

BikeByBus offers you a new, fun, eco-friendly way to visit what is surely the most beautiful city in the world, using our folding bikes in combination with public transport. Thanks to this intermodal approach, you can reach areas that are very far off the tourist itinerary, moving around at your own pace but never getting too tired because, when you need to, you can jump on the underground (bike in hand) and put your feet up.

Our folding bikes are attractive to look at, safe to ride and easy to fold, and they weigh just 11kg (24 pounds). You can take them on all forms of public transport free-of-charge.

Book your bike straight away and head off to discover Rome the way you want! We drop the bike off at your hotel (or B&B, or apartment, or wherever you want!), in a time slot that suits you.

Why visit Rome?

Rome is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, and has always been one of the most adored, photographed, filmed and visited. One visit is all it takes to fall head-over-heels in love.

  • Rome is an open-air museum: its streets are better than a history book, with myriad unmissable monuments dating from every historical period, which provide the almost nonchalant backdrop to the scintillating life of this modern metropolis.
  • Rome is truly multi-faceted: you will come across Etruscan tombs, Roman fora, Imperial temples, the first Christian churches, mediaeval bell towers, Renaissance palaces, Baroque basilicas, 20th-century districts such as EUR and ultra-modern additions to the cityscape such as Renzo Piano's Auditorium and the MAXXI museum: there really is something for everyone.
  • Rome is not just about history – art is also a vital part of the Roman experience: the city plays host to a plethora of museums, art collections and temporary exhibitions displayed in spectacular locations.
  • Rome is a breathtaking city, with its hills, landscaped areas, alleyways and stunning views everywhere you look.
  • Rome is not only a joy to look at – it's also a fantastic place in which to live: excellent food and drink are on offer across the city, and the bars and nightclubs help make Rome's nightlight so legendary; in Rome, there's no time for boredom, no matter your age.
  • In Rome, you feel cool even just strolling along the streets, sipping a drink at a table outside a bar or indulging in a very lengthy lunch; it's a place that seems to encourage everyone to take it easy and enjoy life.
  • Not just art and history, but plenty of fashion, too! Rome offers the right clothes for all budgets, from vintage boutiques to Italian and international designers' stores, not forgetting the local markets where you can find just about everything under the sun.
  • Want some ideas? In this section of the site, we've included some of our favourite routes, which we've designed and tried out first-hand!
Marco said
First time on a folding bike, I discovered a new, incredibly enjoyable way to visit the city. Rome is breathtaking!
Luca said
Visiting Rome on two wheels is now possible and you're sure to feel the excitement as you ride through the public parks and right through the whole centre of the Eternal City

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